Rotisserie Upgrade Kits complete with spits, skewers and grill motor

Big spit roasts on charcoal heat

A rotisserie upgrade makes your BBQ grill a motor-operated rotisserie bbq. The handcrafted mechanisms and spits are of high quality and perfectly to cook chicken, roasts or wholes fishes automatically. The sets are include everything you need: mechanism set with opposite support, stainless spits of 8mm square, a set of stainless prongs, a strong grill motor and a pair of sockets. Furthermore useful accessories which enable to fix the mechanism and opposite support in the ideal distance to the heat.

Rotisserie Upgrade Kit for up to 8 stainless spits of 8 mm square
Complete set to upgrade bbq charcoal grills  to automatic spit roasts. Automatic, motor powered  cooking of roasts, fish, chicken, churrasco bbq...

1 strong 12V / 230V grill motor GT 1 (speed adjustable) 
8 stainless steel skewers 50,70, 90 100 cm  length (free of choice), 8mm square
1 rotation mechanism for up to eigth spits with opposite part
4 sockets with butterfly screw

529,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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