Fish BBQ Grill

The cooking of whole fishes or fish steaks over charcoal heat is difficult to manage. If placed on a simple BBQ grid the fish probably will stick on the metal. If wrapped in aluminium foil the fish does not get the right BBQ pattern.
Because of this we developed different accessories and techniques which enable everyone to cook a fish over charcoal heat with a perfect result. even a specialised fish restaurant can't hardly do it better.
Try to cook fishes by using our amazing automatique bbq grill. The technique takes care to turn the food in precise  30-second-intervals. No burn-in and the fish keeps it's shape.

Rotisserie Fish Griller Upgrade Kit for charcoal grills

Complete Upgrade Kit for 50-cm fireboxes including a strong grill motor, a stainless rotating fish basket, a mechanism for up to 2 baskets or 3 skewers of 8mm square and an opposite support part. Installation parts are included.

199,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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