About us

Our vision is to bring the barbequing with charcoal to perfection and to facilitate varying barbeques. 
Therefore the company “Spießgriller”, with its headquarter in the area of Soest (Westphalia Germany),
is specialized in robust and innovative charcoal-grills which are equipped with numerous comfortable details.



Patented engines and drive propulsion systems which prevent the grilled things from being burned are our specialities
to allow you a healthy and tasty barbeque.



Our grills are still handmade and are subject to a human supervision in every step of the production process.
You will not find disposable grills in our range of products as we focus on persistence and on highest functionality.
Therefore our products are not cheap – but at the first barbecue you will get to know why.


Of course you can visit us at our sales office. We will be pleased to present our innovative products.
We also manufacture grills custom-made.


Just arrange an appointment with us





Im Hüsinglo 10 D-59510 Lippetal Germany


Tel.: +49 2923 972 9192


Fax: +49 2923 972 9191

Or write an e-mail to info@spiessgriller.de